Publically hanged—- the one and only Solution to stop the child abuser beasts

Publically hanging those Human Beasts who are involved in innocent child rape cases is cruelty or justice? In these type of cases instead of taking fatwa from any nawab, chief and any chouhdary better to have a look into the broken hearts of those Unfortunate parents whose children has been raped and brutally killed by these bastards. Since a long period in this country which is established on the name of kalma tayyaba, Human beasts and wolves are out of their bills to kill and abuse the innocent children. Even wild beasts will think thousand times before attacking on the innocent children, but will human beast think before taking this step? These unfortunates have no fear of God and the Day of Judgment. These Human beasts have been ashamed of the wild animals by wearing the humanity. This country has become a graveyard of innocent children due to these bastards, no zainab or any angel is safe in this country now. Due to these beasts hundreds and thousands of unfortunate mothers have gone mad. Even the eyes has become dried by shedding tears in the remembrance of those children and all the chains of patience are broken now. The house where the wolf or fox raised a hen people of that house can’t sleep the whole night in the remembrance of that hen. Than what will be happened to the people of that house if a wolf raised zainab or any little angel instead of a hen in day light? These human foxes and wolves has raised hundreds and thousands of little angels including zainab, kalsoom, iqra, saima and hajra from the streets of this country. Just think about it, how the unfortunate mothers of those innocent children will be living? Our heart started to explode by just hearing the name of those innocent children which become the target of cruelty and lust of these human beasts, then how can those unfortunate parents forget their innocent children?

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